Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.
Hosted by iOS developers Nick Charlton and Jack Nutting.

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    119: eyeOS

    Jack & Nick discuss what's new in iOS 11 for Developers, Xcode 9, refactoring in Swift 4, being lazy about watching WWDC videos, and ARKit experimentation.

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    118: Infected By Enthusiasm

    Nick Charlton joins Jack as the new co-host of Build Phase to discuss client expectations, hypermedia APIs, Reactive Swift, and the continued existence of FTP.

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    117: Cheap Assets

    In this episode, Jack is joined by David Ventura to talk about hackintosh build servers, the hopelessness of the Xcode project file, and Unity3D.

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    116: Is It About Vaping?

    In this episode, Jack stuns Gordon with a true story about a bizarre Swedish Christmas ritual, Gordon talks about his adventures creating a simple web app using Swift, and finally Jack reveals his true feelings about the new MacBook Pro.

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    114: I've Been Unfollowing a LOT of People

    Big week! Jack and Gordon sit down to talk about the new Macbook Pros and explain why it's totally OK for you not to buy one, as well as a possible solution to the missing escape key. They then move on into discussing CoreData, Swift bugs, and missing features in Swift Package Manager. They wrap up by discussing performance issues in Argo and the problems with benchmarks.

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    113: Make Austin 1888 Again

    This week, Gordon and Mark sit down to talk about a wide array of topics such as Ride Sharing services in Austin, Venmo's new architecture for managing URL and user activity routing alongside authentication, the pain caused by forced Swift updates, and spooky spiders! It's like a Halloween special just in time for Thanksgiving!

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    112: Embarrassment Factor

    In this episode, Jack and Mark are visited by Chris Eidhof, and together they talk about book publishing, Apple's frameworks, the Swift language, and how to be a good team player.

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    111: Poorly Fitting Skin Suit

    This week, Mark and Gordon talk politics! Or at least fake political websites. They go on to chat about using a mono-repo for large applications and Gordon proposes a potential CoreData wrapper lib that he'd very much like someone to make for him (he will not do it himself).

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    110: More Cats

    In this episode, Gordon and Jack commiserate about doing unpaid tech support, and then talked about Cloud Kit and Apple Watch development issues. Some of Jack's guesswork about Cloud Kit is right, and some of it is wrong. That's why they pay him the big bucks.

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    109: New Mac Smell

    Jack and Mark start off talking about startups, safety nets, free universities, and apartment rentals. Eventually they remember that this is a tech podcast, and discuss implications of updating a project to Swift 3, the nature of Foundation, how TVMLKit works, and the "new mac smell".

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    108: How Nimble are You?

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss the physics behind jumping into a pool from the fourth floor of an apartment complex. They also talk about working with xcconfig files and other nerdy stuff, but we know everyone is really here to know more about this pool situation.

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    107: I Need a Status Text Field Here, Here, and Here

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss the recent spate of App Store rejections for use of "private" API (spoiler: it's not private API), Gordon's new obsession with project templating, and the decline of Skype.

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    106: More and Weirder Facial Hair

    Gordon got a new mic for the office! It only kinda helped. Sorry, we're working on it. Disappointed emoji don't spell disappointed emoji just use the emoji.

    After chatting about unique facial hair choices and Swift on the server, Gordon and Jack get dangerously close to being Yet Another Tech Podcast as they discuss missing headphone jacks, being angry about missing headphone jacks, AirPods, and being angry about AirPods.

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    105: What if We Just Stay on Swift 2?

    This week Mark and Gordon chat about their respective git workflows, Swift operator precedence groups, and a general uneasiness around the tooling in the iOS ecosystem (but what else is new?).

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    104: Drunk on the Kool Aid

    This week, Mark and Jack talk about job hunting and what to look for when pursuing new opportunities. They also discuss the pros and cons to sticking with Apple dependencies (of course talking about CoreData) and Swift 3 adoption.

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    103: That Tumbleweed Has a +2 WAR

    This week, Mark and Gordon complete their transition to Salty Old Developers™ live on air after a discussion on the state of dependency management with Xcode betas. Come for the talk about operators in Swift 3 and the exciting possibility of higher-kinded types in Swift 4 but stay for the analysis of a tumbleweed's nasty knuckle-curve.

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    102: The Bakery District

    This week, Jack and Mark talk about everything going wrong in the world of technology. From Swedish cable boxes to XVim and Xcode 8. Come for that, stay for the discussion about the pitfalls of developing iOS extensions and the impending Swift 3 migration.

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    101: SELECT is Not Broken

    Gordon and Jack (or is it Reda?) sit down to chat about "good" and "bad" architecture decisions and how early adoption with Swift has framed interactions with the language and tools today.

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    100: The Live Call In Show

    On their 100th episode, which they definitely did not forget about while recording, Mark and Gordon hold their first ever live call in giveaway! Unfortunately nobody participated, so they move on to talk about Gordon's Xcode plugin for Vim and how he works in Vim for day to day iOS development. Gordon's audio still sucks and he's incredibly sorry about that.

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    99: Just UIKit Things

    This week Mark is joined by special guest and host of Tentative, Reda Lemeden. Having a designer-slash-developer on the show allows Mark to not shut up about UIKit, best practices for bridging Swift and Objective-C frameworks, and fancy new features in iOS 10.

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    98: Repressed Memories

    After claiming (incorrectly) to have fixed the audio issues in the Austin office (sorry, working on it), Jack lures Gordon into ranting about UIPageViewController. We're almost certain we recorded this episode before, but it's still horrible, so here we are. They then take a quick detour into discussing how their bodies are falling apart as they get older before chatting about Jack's journeys into game development and improvements in watchOS 3.

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    97: Lonely, Lonely England

    After establishing that Gordon lacks an internal monologue, Mark and Gordon discuss obscure CoreAnimation APIs, their favorite sessions from WWDC 2016 and some best practices for crafting code that walks the line between being a mess and needlessly abstract.

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    96: If You Say It Twice, It's True

    In this episode, Gordon and Jack discuss pipe dreams about enhancements to the Cocoa frameworks, commiserate about fear of public speaking, and lament the fickle nature of space-time which prevents them from knowing the future.

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    95: A Clear Idea of Lamps

    After taking a quick audio tour of Gordon's closet, he and Mark chat about Gordon's general imposter syndrome around UIKit, his feelings of burnout around iOS, and how he's exploring Elixir as a way to add depth to his skill set. Then they make horribly inaccurate speculations on what will happen at WWDC.

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    94: Re-Built This City

    Jack and Mark talk about the old days, the dynamic nature of Objective-C and whether that matters, and how to transition from one thing to the next. Shout-out to all the jugglers and mimes.

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    93: Less Bathroomy

    On this episode of Build Phase, it becomes clear that waiting too long to release version 1.0 of your open source library will not win you very much admiration from either Gordon or Jack. The two of them also discuss difficulties that arise while debugging monadic pipelines and hypothesize about threading and performance.

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    92: It's Been a Long Week

    After what seems like a very long week away, Gordon, Mark and Jack uncover the hairy details involved in working with Argo and Swish, and discuss the differences between using Result type and using Swift error handling syntax.

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    91: Baseball Phase

    Mark and Gordon spend what's likely way too long chatting about baseball. But hey, it's September. Once they do get into some technical discussion (they do, we promise), they chat about running into issues with CocoaPods generated frameworks during deployment, universal frameworks, and abusing CocoaPods' knowledge of Git to be able to do wacky shit with internal dependencies.

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    90: Monads, Mo' Problems

    This week we had a topic planned and everything. Y'all had been asking for it and we were finally gonna do it! MVVM in practice. No bullshit. But then a heinous crime was committed that broke the monadic laws that keep our society civil and just. Tune in to hear Swift's public defender (played by Mark Adams) attempt to justify a new implementation of flatMap to Judge Dredd (played by Golden Fontenot).

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    89: Beginning iOS (Avi Gilligan)

    Mark can't figure out how to get out of New York City, so this week Gordon is joined by fellow thoughtbotter Avi Gilligan to talk about learning Swift, Objective-C, and iOS.

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    88: We Built This City

    At the end of a whirlwind week in Boston, Mark and Gordon talk about, like, every possible topic for 50 minutes. Even Thom up and left half way through. Topics include new open source projects (like Static, Tropos, and Curry), localization, and the world's oldest Red Sox fan.

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    87: I Wrecked a Moped

    Mark's visiting the beast coast this week so the guys get to sit in the OG thoughtbot studio together, drink beer, and wax poetic about network testing and Tropos. Mark has literally never sounded better; Boston recording setup on fleek.

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    86: Still Hungover from WWDC

    This week Mark welcomes Tony to discuss Swift 2, Haskell development with Docker, and where the hell Gordon went. No seriously, where is he? I hope he comes back soon!

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    85: <air quotes> Fixed </air quotes>

    Live from the Frisky Dingo, Mark and Gordon sit down to talk about the implications of new features and improvements added to Swift 2. If we're being honest, a large portion of the show is Mark pouring new-swift-error-handling fuel into the rage engine known as Gordon Fontenot. Gordon has also managed to segfault the new version of the compiler, so that's fun. Everything's fun.

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    84: Another Goal for Science®

    This week, Gordon and Mark discuss organizing a BBQ in a puritan state on short notice, Gordon's upcoming road trip and move to Austin, and the pain of Swift/Objective-C interop. Also we're on the cusp of 90 second brew-at-home-in-your-microwave beer, people. What a time to be alive!

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    83: We Don't Ship Enough Stuff in Wood Crates Anymore

    After chatting for entirely too long about hats, Mark and Gordon discuss some WWDC events that they are putting together, unearthing obscure design patterns in Apple's internal APIs, and working with push notifications. Also, Gordon turns the show into therapy with a great story about shitty neighbors.

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    82: Lets Start the Show on a High Note

    This week the guys attempt to demystify Swift with a little Q and A where Mark has the Qs and Gordon has the As (obviously). There's also just a little too much excitement about a Mac app. The transition to baseball podcast is nearly complete.

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    81: Are You Watching the Game Right Now?

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss the inevitable rise of the Astros as the MLB leaders for striking out, a weird bug in Xcode that is causing it to build the wrong kind of archive, errors trying to build the library using CocoaPods, really just a whole bunch of errors going on today.

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    79: Immutability, or Whatever

    Mark is out this week, so Gordon is joined by Tony DiPasquale. They discuss Poppins, an internal app that they are working on to view and share animated gifs, Micro frameworks in Swift, and talk through refactoring a method from using Result to deal with multiple return values to returning a polymorphic protocol type.

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    78: Check Yourself Before You UIRectEdge Yourself

    In what might end up being the guys' laziest episode to date, they start off by talking about a possible bug in UIScreenEdgePanGestureRecognizer and then talk about Mark's current project dealing with a particularly bad legacy codebase. They then meander into a half-hearted conversation about weightlifting before calling it a show.

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    77: A Version By Any Other Name

    This week, the guys discuss Argo's inexorable march towards 1.0-hood and somehow find themselves in a rant about semantic versioning (or the lack thereof).

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    76: [unintelligible robot sounds]

    This week Mark and Gordon take a break from the recent series of episodes about Swift and instead turn to discussing the pain points of developing on Apple's platform and how it's getting more and more difficult to be an apologist. From there the fellas discuss Gordon's impostor syndrome flare-ups that occur when it's time to write UI code.

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    75: What's that in Celsius?

    This week, Gordon and Mark continue their accidental Swift-and-frameworks-that-use-functionalish-concepts series by talking about the new Parser type in Argo and niceties that are emerging in ReactiveCocoa's Swift development branch.

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    74: That's a Fear Response

    Baseball is back! After getting over that excitement, Mark and Gordon chat about upcoming changes to Argo, and get into some places where limitations in Swift's type system prevent them from being as expressive as they would like to be.

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    73: Mr. X

    This week, Mark and Gordon continue discussing integrating ReactiveCocoa into projects and the impact the newly-minted Swift 1.2 will have on future development.

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    72: That's Classic Mousepad

    Ok let's just get this out of the way now: The first minute of audio is really weird. We don't know why and we didn't have time to re-record it. Plus it's actually kind of funny to sound like we're in the witness protection program. This week, Keith and Mark continue to talk about the Mac, ReactiveCocoa, and speculate wildly on the existence of UXKit.

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    71: You Can Put Anything in a Brown Bag

    While Gordon lounges at home in his native Tejas, Mark is joined by Keith Smiley to talk about some pitfalls of Mac app development and using ReactiveCocoa with Core Data.

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    70: Rocking Out to Analysis Paralysis

    We're just 4 short weeks away from the start of spring training so Mark and Gordon get some baseball talk out of their systems. Deal with it sunglasses llama dot gif. The topic then turns to Nimble matchers for Fox tests and Mark's continuing journey being homeless on the streets of RAC city.

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    69: I'm a Bus

    This week, we learn about the dangers of Pre-Workout, oddities in the Swift compiler and go on a rant about TestFlight and iTunes Connect. Could your family be at risk of getting too jacked on Pre-Workout to read on the bus? Find out tonight at 11.

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    68: Big Time Brain Explosion

    Listen! This week, Mark and Gordon take a fairly deep dive into the Legend of Zelda franchise. There's also some Swift and bindings and stuff. Remember when this used to be a technical show?

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    67: We Cut Stuff Out

    This week, Gordon and our producer, Thom, host a very special episode in which we present a collection of our best-of moments and bloopers.

    Okay who are we kidding, it's all bloopers. Sit back and enjoy this gift from us to you.

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    66: That's My Neck Tattoo

    This week, Mark talks about using Swift to connect to a GoPro camera, Gordon learns that Selfie Sticks are a thing, and Mark finally fixes LLDB on his machine. From there, they chat about Apple's newfound openness and we finally get to the bottom of Gordon's feelings on Frozen.

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    65: Installing X11

    Mark and Gordon catch up before the Thanksgiving break (oh, by the way, we're taking a break last week. Plan retroactively accordingly) and discuss dependency management with Carthage and how it relates to CocoaPods.

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    64: The Realities of Being Batman

    This week, Mark and Gordon spend a solid 10 minutes discussing the absurdity of the DC Comics Universe. From there, Gordon proudly explains the solution he developed to the network operation retry queue that was discussed last week. That solution is pretty great. So come for that and stay for the Batman discussion.

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    63: For All Intensive Purposes

    Mark and Gordon chat about replaying cached network requests and all of the edge cases that pop up around that. Then they take a short detour into talking about a weird issue around new iOS 8 push notification APIs and provisioning (they think).

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    62: There Is No Person Named Ralph T. Bot

    Mark and Gordon chat about another win for their Application View Controller, then commiserate over code signing, application submission and AppleID and iTunes Connect woes.

  59. Thumb 1414597195 artwork

    61: Swift is Swift

    With Mark on vacation in sunny SoCal (I have no idea if SoCal is sunny in October, but lets say it is), Gordon sits down with fellow thoughtbot dev and Haskell enthusiast Pat Brisbin to talk about Haskell, Functional Programming, and how it all relates to Swift.

  60. Thumb 1414078927 artwork

    60: Everyone Should Know This

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss that darn Internet and the inaugural CocoaLove conference in Philadelphia. From there they go on to discuss failable initializers and other Swift 1.1 features and fixes. Finally the guys address some questions about how they manage monolithic storyboards.

  61. Thumb 1413558084 artwork

    59: Cognitive Capital

    Mark and Gordon discuss fmap and apply in Swift as they pertain to Optional values, and how these functional concepts can add cleanliness and clarity to everyday patterns.

  62. Thumb 1413321263 artwork

    58: Saving Lives

    This week, a lone recruiter appeared on one of our pull requests. He used 'recruit'. It wasn't very effective. This gave Gordon and Mark plenty of fodder to kick the episode off. The fellas discussed a new, major release of Liftoff that adds support for custom build settings and the generation of Swift projects. The use of TDD as a design tool becomes they topic as they discuss Roster, a Swift application under development for internal thoughtbot use.

  63. Thumb 1413321232 artwork

    57: The Properties of Glass

    Mark and Gordon vent about this week's internet stupidity, and then discuss MVVM and whether or not it's worth the effort in simple applications.

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    56: Brackety Splat

    Mark and Gordon continue to talk about functional concepts in Swift, this time looking at real world applications in iOS development.

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    55: Dad Stuff

    This week Mark and Gordon discuss type safety and functional programming in Swift (again), the finer points of making your application accessible, and the only way you should be seeing movies in this day and age.

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    54: Flow Betwixt

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss so-called "flow controllers" and best practices for getting around town with UIKit.

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    53: Wave Thingies in the Recording Thingie

    About 5 minutes after shipping their client application, Mark and Gordon discuss the stresses of shipping, and answer some followup emails about the intermittent test failures they were seeing, and the high level Application View Controller architecture they have been using.

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    52: Nobody Wins Flip Cup

    On the final day of thoughtbot's Summer Summit 2014, Mark and Gordon sit down in person to discuss an approach to surfacing network errors to the user and efforts to reduce duplication in doing so.

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    51: Waiting For the Beer Endorsements

    Mark and Gordon discuss ZeroPush as a push notification service, MVVM, and protocols as they work on recovering from the night before.

  70. Thumb 1413321023 artwork

    50: The One Where They Do The 50th Show

    Wow, 50 shows. Can you believe that we still have things to talk about? Nope, we can't either. In this landmark episode, Mark and Gordon do a post-mortem on integrating MVVM into their daily development practices and ruminate on the resulting architectures that emerge at production scale.

  71. Thumb 1413320992 artwork

    49: It's Been a Long Day

    Mark and Gordon commiserate over intermittent test failures only happening on their CI server, then switch gears to briefly discuss the recent release to the Swift programming language.

  72. Thumb 1413320963 artwork

    48: F-ing Mush Mouth

    Mark and Gordon talk about some of the parts of Swift that don't feel quite right to them, functional programming, being a Polyglot, and the potentially scary way that Swift's new access control affects testing.

  73. Thumb 1413320930 artwork

    47: Boom. Chaka Khan.

    In a surprisingly meandering episode, Mark and Gordon discuss music, Fonts, UIBarButtonItem, fruit in beers, pluralization with localized strings, and Fantasy Football.

  74. Thumb 1413320899 artwork

    46: A Touch Of Class Cluster

    This week, Gordon and Mark discuss class clusters, bindings, the Home Run Derby and the inimitable John Cleese.

  75. Thumb 1413320866 artwork

    45: My Stupid, Stupid Brain

    This week Apple did Mark and Gordon a solid by dropping a new beta full of fancy Swift goodies mere moments before they started recording. Whew. Dodged a bullet on that one.

  76. Thumb 1413320835 artwork

    44: Emergency Brisket

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss best practices when using UIScrollView with auto layout, the advantages of MVVM and exchange tales of weekend travel.

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  78. Thumb 1413320773 artwork

    42: Best Language for the Gob

    Mark and Gordon spend probably too much time talking about Arrested Development, then seamlessly transition into discussing some oddities that have come up in their usage of Swift so far.

  79. Thumb 1413320741 artwork

    41: WWDC 2014

    Mark and Gordon are joined by fellow thoughtbot iOS team members Tony DiPasquale and Keith Smiley in a roundtable discussion wrapping up the announcements from WWDC 2014.

  80. Thumb 1413320711 artwork

    40: Over the Hill

    Gather 'round and hear tell of Mark and Gordon's WWDC expectations that were surprisingly mostly correct given this week's announcements.

  81. Thumb 1413320679 artwork

    39: Shitty As Intended

    This week, Mark and Gordon enumerate the contents of their WWDC14 wish lists and discuss the likelihood of none of them coming to fruition. The entire thoughtbot iOS crew (minus one) will be in San Francisco for WWDC week so be sure to get in touch at or @buildphase on or Twitter if you'd like to meet up!

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    38: Not Just a Domestic Affair

    Mark and Gordon sit down after conferencing super hard at NSNorth 2014 to talk about their experiences in Ottawa, the conference itself, and the strange attitude towards technical talks in the Objective-C community.

  83. Thumb 1413320617 artwork

    37: Assume You're Sharding

    Mark and Gordon discuss CoreData; the problems with an upside down persistence stack, and the circular process of trying to improve their implementations.

  84. Thumb 1413320586 artwork

    36: No, We Don't Sing Or Anything

    Settling into a testing mindset when writing Objective-C is front of mind for this week's show. Gordon and Mark chat about potential pitfalls for TDD newcomers, using common sense when writing your specs and self-proclaimed Emperors of these United States.

  85. Thumb 1413320555 artwork

    35: One Step Away From Breaking Everything

    Push notifications amirite?! This week Mark and Gordon commiserate about implementing support for push notifications and the state of third-party services which claim to help.

  86. Thumb 1413320526 artwork

    34: Darth Brooks

    Container view controllers and clever DJ names are on the docket for this week's episode. Mark and Gordon discuss patterns for handling modal authentication views and other high level approaches to root view controller presentation.

  87. Thumb 1413320495 artwork

    33: Objective-C Folklore

    The minutiae of initialization is the topic of this week's show as Gordon and Mark continue to refuse to get off Objective-C's lawn.

  88. Thumb 1413320466 artwork

    32: Ed Bageley Jr.

    Mark and Gordon have a riveting conversation about using C functions instead of class methods, and then move on to discussing KVO and how it can be used to cleanly wrap up some common interaction patterns.

  89. Thumb 1413320437 artwork

    31: It Had A Good Run

    Mark and Gordon discuss some problems that were encountered during the release of Liftoff 1.1 and rail on bloated UIViewControllers for, like, 20 minutes.

  90. Thumb 1413320408 artwork

    30: Rocket Fuel

    Gordon and Mark talk briefly about man pages and neck beards before discussing some of the decisions and reasoning behind the 1.0 release of Liftoff.

  91. Thumb 1413320378 artwork

    29: Smoothies: A Private Affair

    Mark and Gordon discuss the goto fail bug, editing environments, and the magical properties of beards.

  92. Thumb 1413320350 artwork

    28: Too Drunk To Ruck

    Gordon and Mark discuss static UITableViews, possible solutions for faking 3rd party APIs, and beta distribution.

  93. Thumb 1413320321 artwork

    27: Valentimes Day

    Mark and Gordon discuss language differences between Ruby and Objective-C, custom View Controller transitions, and perform a crucial experiment to find out if you can still download Flappy Bird.

  94. Thumb 1413320292 artwork

    26: Russia Is Watching You Shower

    Mark and Gordon discuss Threes, Flappy Bird (before it was cool/removed from the store), and Autolayout.

  95. Thumb 1413320261 artwork

    25: Welcome To The New South

    Gordon and Mark talk about a number of issues around CocoaPods: their recent issues with the spec repo, the negativity in the community towards the project, the danger of violating Unix philosophy, and possible futures for the project if they were to get sherlocked by Apple.

  96. Thumb 1413320230 artwork

    24: A Meat Sack Full of Impostor Syndrome

    Mark and Gordon talk about the hiring process at thoughtbot, using code exercises in the interview process, and how they manage to keep from being the smartest people in the room.

  97. Thumb 1413320201 artwork

    23: Polar Vortex

    Mark and Gordon chat some more about UIPageViewController, UIImage tinting, a better multitasking model, and Texas' attempts at secession.

  98. Thumb 1413320172 artwork

    22: Punk in Drublic

    Mark and Gordon discuss their holiday vacations, striving for a good work/life balance, and resolutions for the new year.

  99. Thumb 1413320143 artwork

    21: Is this even an Episode?

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams chat about christmas, future projects and programming in 2013.

  100. Thumb 1413320113 artwork

    20: Damn Snow

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about storyboarding, tdd and winter.

  101. Thumb 1413320082 artwork

    19: Lazy Since 1998

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about AppKit and Mutt

  102. Thumb 1413320051 artwork

    18: What a Time to be Alive

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams discuss Sinatra, architectural patterns and core data.

  103. Thumb 1413320021 artwork

    17: Ape Drape

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about NSNotificationCenter and head shaving.

  104. Thumb 1413319991 artwork

    16: Bill F*ckin Murray

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about UIPageViewController, Bill Murray and Solipsism

  105. Thumb 1413319960 artwork

    15: CoreFrustration (Reda Lemeden)

    This week on Build Phase, Mark Adams, Gordon Fontenot and Reda Lemeden talk about UI design, core animation and more.

  106. Thumb 1413319931 artwork

    14: It got Real Dark

    This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about categories, coconut water and mogenerator

  107. Thumb 1413319902 artwork

    13: I'm a Professional!

    This week on Build Phase, Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot talk about proxies and message forwarding.

  108. Thumb 1413319872 artwork

    12: The Island of Dr Gordó

    This week on Build Phase Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams discuss face swapping and form bindings.

  109. Thumb 1413319843 artwork

    11: Podspec or Bust

    Gordon Fontenont and Mark Adams speak with Mattt Thompson, Mobile Lead at Heroku, creator of AFNetworking, NSHipster and Helios.

  110. Thumb 1413319814 artwork
  111. Thumb 1413319784 artwork

    9: Don't Call Me Shirley

    Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about iOS7 aftermath and Airplane!

  112. Thumb 1413319755 artwork
  113. Thumb 1413319724 artwork

    7: Less Fantasy, More Football

    Mark and Gordon discuss UITableViewController, abstracting data sources and delegates, and fantasy football.

  114. Thumb 1413319695 artwork

    6: Masochistic Programmers

    On this episode of build phase Gordon and Mark talk about memory management and viewer mail.

  115. Thumb 1413319666 artwork

    5: Fecal-Philiac

    On this episode of Build Phase Mark and Gordon talk about Xcode tips, plugins, short cuts and aliases

  116. Thumb 1413319637 artwork

    4: Coffee

    In this episode of Build Phase, Mark and Gordon talk about testing, frameworks and public vs private interface.

  117. Thumb 1413319604 artwork

    3: Create All The Objects!

    This week on Build Phase Gordon and Mark discuss the best tools, resources and methods for new iOS developers.

  118. Thumb 1413319573 artwork

    2: Ice Cream & API

    In this episode Gordon and Mark talk about ice cream, api design, build packs, parsing and Core Data.

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    1: It's a Pilot

    In this, the first episode of Build Phase, Gordon and Mark introduce one another and talk about how they started iOS development. They go on to discuss iOS development best practices, writing good code and sniffing out bad code with code smells.

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