Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design. Hosted by iOS developers Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot; they discuss code, design, and creating great iOS apps.

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    87: I Wrecked a Moped

    Mark's visiting the beast coast this week so the guys get to sit in the OG thoughtbot studio together, drink beer, and wax poetic about network testing and Tropos. Mark has literally never sounded better; Boston recording setup on fleek.

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    86: Still Hungover from WWDC

    This week Mark welcomes Tony to discuss Swift 2, Haskell development with Docker, and where the hell Gordon went. No seriously, where is he? I hope he comes back soon!

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    85: <air quotes> Fixed </air quotes>

    Live from the Frisky Dingo, Mark and Gordon sit down to talk about the implications of new features and improvements added to Swift 2. If we're being honest, a large portion of the show is Mark pouring new-swift-error-handling fuel into the rage engine known as Gordon Fontenot. Gordon has also managed to segfault the new version of the compiler, so that's fun. Everything's fun.

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    84: Another Goal for ScienceĀ®

    This week, Gordon and Mark discuss organizing a BBQ in a puritan state on short notice, Gordon's upcoming road trip and move to Austin, and the pain of Swift/Objective-C interop. Also we're on the cusp of 90 second brew-at-home-in-your-microwave beer, people. What a time to be alive!

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    83: We Don't Ship Enough Stuff in Wood Crates Anymore

    After chatting for entirely too long about hats, Mark and Gordon discuss some WWDC events that they are putting together, unearthing obscure design patterns in Apple's internal APIs, and working with push notifications. Also, Gordon turns the show into therapy with a great story about shitty neighbors.

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    82: Lets Start the Show on a High Note

    This week the guys attempt to demystify Swift with a little Q and A where Mark has the Qs and Gordon has the As (obviously). There's also just a little too much excitement about a Mac app. The transition to baseball podcast is nearly complete.

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    81: Are You Watching the Game Right Now?

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss the inevitable rise of the Astros as the MLB leaders for striking out, a weird bug in Xcode that is causing it to build the wrong kind of archive, errors trying to build the library using CocoaPods, really just a whole bunch of errors going on today.

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    79: Immutability, or Whatever

    Mark is out this week, so Gordon is joined by Tony DiPasquale. They discuss Poppins, an internal app that they are working on to view and share animated gifs, Micro frameworks in Swift, and talk through refactoring a method from using Result to deal with multiple return values to returning a polymorphic protocol type.

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    78: Check Yourself Before You UIRectEdge Yourself

    In what might end up being the guys' laziest episode to date, they start off by talking about a possible bug in UIScreenEdgePanGestureRecognizer and then talk about Mark's current project dealing with a particularly bad legacy codebase. They then meander into a half-hearted conversation about weightlifting before calling it a show.

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