Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.
Hosted by iOS developers Nick Charlton and Jack Nutting.

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    118: Infected By Enthusiasm

    Nick Charlton joins Jack as the new co-host of Build Phase to discuss client expectations, hypermedia APIs, Reactive Swift, and the continued existence of FTP.

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    117: Cheap Assets

    In this episode, Jack is joined by David Ventura to talk about hackintosh build servers, the hopelessness of the Xcode project file, and Unity3D.

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    116: Is It About Vaping?

    In this episode, Jack stuns Gordon with a true story about a bizarre Swedish Christmas ritual, Gordon talks about his adventures creating a simple web app using Swift, and finally Jack reveals his true feelings about the new MacBook Pro.

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    114: I've Been Unfollowing a LOT of People

    Big week! Jack and Gordon sit down to talk about the new Macbook Pros and explain why it's totally OK for you not to buy one, as well as a possible solution to the missing escape key. They then move on into discussing CoreData, Swift bugs, and missing features in Swift Package Manager. They wrap up by discussing performance issues in Argo and the problems with benchmarks.

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    113: Make Austin 1888 Again

    This week, Gordon and Mark sit down to talk about a wide array of topics such as Ride Sharing services in Austin, Venmo's new architecture for managing URL and user activity routing alongside authentication, the pain caused by forced Swift updates, and spooky spiders! It's like a Halloween special just in time for Thanksgiving!

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    112: Embarrassment Factor

    In this episode, Jack and Mark are visited by Chris Eidhof, and together they talk about book publishing, Apple's frameworks, the Swift language, and how to be a good team player.

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    111: Poorly Fitting Skin Suit

    This week, Mark and Gordon talk politics! Or at least fake political websites. They go on to chat about using a mono-repo for large applications and Gordon proposes a potential CoreData wrapper lib that he'd very much like someone to make for him (he will not do it himself).

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    110: More Cats

    In this episode, Gordon and Jack commiserate about doing unpaid tech support, and then talked about Cloud Kit and Apple Watch development issues. Some of Jack's guesswork about Cloud Kit is right, and some of it is wrong. That's why they pay him the big bucks.

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    109: New Mac Smell

    Jack and Mark start off talking about startups, safety nets, free universities, and apartment rentals. Eventually they remember that this is a tech podcast, and discuss implications of updating a project to Swift 3, the nature of Foundation, how TVMLKit works, and the "new mac smell".

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