Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design. Hosted by iOS developers Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot; they discuss code, design, and creating great iOS apps.

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    65: Installing X11

    Mark and Gordon catch up before the Thanksgiving break (oh, by the way, we're taking a break last week. Plan retroactively accordingly) and discuss dependency management with Carthage and how it relates to CocoaPods.

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    64: The Realities of Being Batman

    This week, Mark and Gordon spend a solid 10 minutes discussing the absurdity of the DC Comics Universe. From there, Gordon proudly explains the solution he developed to the network operation retry queue that was discussed last week. That solution is pretty great. So come for that and stay for the Batman discussion.

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    63: For All Intensive Purposes

    Mark and Gordon chat about replaying cached network requests and all of the edge cases that pop up around that. Then they take a short detour into talking about a weird issue around new iOS 8 push notification APIs and provisioning (they think).

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    62: There Is No Person Named Ralph T. Bot

    Mark and Gordon chat about another win for their Application View Controller, then commiserate over code signing, application submission and AppleID and iTunes Connect woes.

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    61: Swift is Swift

    With Mark on vacation in sunny SoCal (I have no idea if SoCal is sunny in October, but lets say it is), Gordon sits down with fellow thoughtbot dev and Haskell enthusiast Pat Brisbin to talk about Haskell, Functional Programming, and how it all relates to Swift.

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    60: Everyone Should Know This

    This week, Mark and Gordon discuss that darn Internet and the inaugural CocoaLove conference in Philadelphia. From there they go on to discuss failable initializers and other Swift 1.1 features and fixes. Finally the guys address some questions about how they manage monolithic storyboards.

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    59: Cognitive Capital

    Mark and Gordon discuss `fmap` and `apply` in Swift as they pertain to `Optional` values, and how these functional concepts can add cleanliness and clarity to everyday patterns.

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    58: Saving Lives

    This week, a lone recruiter appeared on one of our pull requests. He used 'recruit'. It wasn't very effective. This gave Gordon and Mark plenty of fodder to kick the episode off. The fellas discussed a new, major release of Liftoff that adds support for custom build settings and the generation of Swift projects. The use of TDD as a design tool becomes they topic as they discuss Roster, a Swift application under development for internal thoughtbot use.

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    57: The Properties of Glass

    Mark and Gordon vent about this week's internet stupidity, and then discuss MVVM and whether or not it's worth the effort in simple applications.

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    56: Brackety Splat

    Mark and Gordon continue to talk about functional concepts in Swift, this time looking at real world applications in iOS development.

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