Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.
Hosted by iOS developers Mark Adams, Jack Nutting, and Gordon Fontenot.

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    105: What if We Just Stay on Swift 2?

    This week Mark and Gordon chat about their respective git workflows, Swift operator precedence groups, and a general uneasiness around the tooling in the iOS ecosystem (but what else is new?).

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    104: Drunk on the Kool Aid

    This week, Mark and Jack talk about job hunting and what to look for when pursuing new opportunities. They also discuss the pros and cons to sticking with Apple dependencies (of course talking about CoreData) and Swift 3 adoption.

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    103: That Tumbleweed Has a +2 WAR

    This week, Mark and Gordon complete their transition to Salty Old Developers™ live on air after a discussion on the state of dependency management with Xcode betas. Come for the talk about operators in Swift 3 and the exciting possibility of higher-kinded types in Swift 4 but stay for the analysis of a tumbleweed's nasty knuckle-curve.

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    102: The Bakery District

    This week, Jack and Mark talk about everything going wrong in the world of technology. From Swedish cable boxes to XVim and Xcode 8. Come for that, stay for the discussion about the pitfalls of developing iOS extensions and the impending Swift 3 migration.

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    101: SELECT is Not Broken

    Gordon and Jack (or is it Reda?) sit down to chat about "good" and "bad" architecture decisions and how early adoption with Swift has framed interactions with the language and tools today.

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    100: The Live Call In Show

    On their 100th episode, which they definitely did not forget about while recording, Mark and Gordon hold their first ever live call in giveaway! Unfortunately nobody participated, so they move on to talk about Gordon's Xcode plugin for Vim and how he works in Vim for day to day iOS development. Gordon's audio still sucks and he's incredibly sorry about that.

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    99: Just UIKit Things

    This week Mark is joined by special guest and host of Tentative, Reda Lemeden. Having a designer-slash-developer on the show allows Mark to not shut up about UIKit, best practices for bridging Swift and Objective-C frameworks, and fancy new features in iOS 10.

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    98: Repressed Memories

    After claiming (incorrectly) to have fixed the audio issues in the Austin office (sorry, working on it), Jack lures Gordon into ranting about UIPageViewController. We're almost certain we recorded this episode before, but it's still horrible, so here we are. They then take a quick detour into discussing how their bodies are falling apart as they get older before chatting about Jack's journeys into game development and improvements in watchOS 3.

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    97: Lonely, Lonely England

    After establishing that Gordon lacks an internal monologue, Mark and Gordon discuss obscure CoreAnimation APIs, their favorite sessions from WWDC 2016 and some best practices for crafting code that walks the line between being a mess and needlessly abstract.

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    96: If You Say It Twice, It's True

    In this episode, Gordon and Jack discuss pipe dreams about enhancements to the Cocoa frameworks, commiserate about fear of public speaking, and lament the fickle nature of space-time which prevents them from knowing the future.

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