Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design. Hosted by iOS developers Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot; they discuss code, design, and creating great iOS apps.

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    77: A Version By Any Other Name

    This week, the guys discuss Argo's inexorable march towards 1.0-hood and somehow find themselves in a rant about semantic versioning (or the lack thereof).

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    76: [unintelligible robot sounds]

    This week Mark and Gordon take a break from the recent series of episodes about Swift and instead turn to discussing the pain points of developing on Apple's platform and how it's getting more and more difficult to be an apologist. From there the fellas discuss Gordon's impostor syndrome flare-ups that occur when it's time to write UI code.

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    75: What's that in Celsius?

    This week, Gordon and Mark continue their accidental Swift-and-frameworks-that-use-functionalish-concepts series by talking about the new Parser type in Argo and niceties that are emerging in ReactiveCocoa's Swift development branch.

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    74: That's a Fear Response

    Baseball is back! After getting over that excitement, Mark and Gordon chat about upcoming changes to Argo, and get into some places where limitations in Swift's type system prevent them from being as expressive as they would like to be.

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    73: Mr. X

    This week, Mark and Gordon continue discussing integrating ReactiveCocoa into projects and the impact the newly-minted Swift 1.2 will have on future development.

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    72: That's Classic Mousepad

    Ok let's just get this out of the way now: The first minute of audio is really weird. We don't know why and we didn't have time to re-record it. Plus it's actually kind of funny to sound like we're in the witness protection program. This week, Keith and Mark continue to talk about the Mac, ReactiveCocoa, and speculate wildly on the existence of UXKit.

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    71: You Can Put Anything in a Brown Bag

    While Gordon lounges at home in his native Tejas, Mark is joined by Keith Smiley to talk about some pitfalls of Mac app development and using ReactiveCocoa with Core Data.

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    70: Rocking Out to Analysis Paralysis

    We're just 4 short weeks away from the start of spring training so Mark and Gordon get some baseball talk out of their systems. Deal with it sunglasses llama dot gif. The topic then turns to Nimble matchers for Fox tests and Mark's continuing journey being homeless on the streets of RAC city.

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    69: I'm a Bus

    This week, we learn about the dangers of Pre-Workout, oddities in the Swift compiler and go on a rant about TestFlight and iTunes Connect. Could your family be at risk of getting too jacked on Pre-Workout to read on the bus? Find out tonight at 11.

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    68: Big Time Brain Explosion

    Listen! This week, Mark and Gordon take a fairly deep dive into the Legend of Zelda franchise. There's also some Swift and bindings and stuff. Remember when this used to be a technical show?

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