Build Phase

Build Phase

Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.
Hosted by iOS developers Mark Adams, Jack Nutting, and Gordon Fontenot.

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    98: Repressed Memories

    After claiming (incorrectly) to have fixed the audio issues in the Austin office (sorry, working on it), Jack lures Gordon into ranting about UIPageViewController. We're almost certain we recorded this episode before, but it's still horrible, so here we are. They then take a quick detour into discussing how their bodies are falling apart as they get older before chatting about Jack's journeys into game development and improvements in watchOS 3.

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    97: Lonely, Lonely England

    After establishing that Gordon lacks an internal monologue, Mark and Gordon discuss obscure CoreAnimation APIs, their favorite sessions from WWDC 2016 and some best practices for crafting code that walks the line between being a mess and needlessly abstract.

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    96: If You Say It Twice, It's True

    In this episode, Gordon and Jack discuss pipe dreams about enhancements to the Cocoa frameworks, commiserate about fear of public speaking, and lament the fickle nature of space-time which prevents them from knowing the future.

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    95: A Clear Idea of Lamps

    After taking a quick audio tour of Gordon's closet, he and Mark chat about Gordon's general imposter syndrome around UIKit, his feelings of burnout around iOS, and how he's exploring Elixir as a way to add depth to his skill set. Then they make horribly inaccurate speculations on what will happen at WWDC.

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    94: Re-Built This City

    Jack and Mark talk about the old days, the dynamic nature of Objective-C and whether that matters, and how to transition from one thing to the next. Shout-out to all the jugglers and mimes.

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    93: Less Bathroomy

    On this episode of Build Phase, it becomes clear that waiting too long to release version 1.0 of your open source library will not win you very much admiration from either Gordon or Jack. The two of them also discuss difficulties that arise while debugging monadic pipelines and hypothesize about threading and performance.

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    92: It's Been a Long Week

    After what seems like a very long week away, Gordon, Mark and Jack uncover the hairy details involved in working with Argo and Swish, and discuss the differences between using Result type and using Swift error handling syntax.

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    91: Baseball Phase

    Mark and Gordon spend what's likely way too long chatting about baseball. But hey, it's September. Once they do get into some technical discussion (they do, we promise), they chat about running into issues with CocoaPods generated frameworks during deployment, universal frameworks, and abusing CocoaPods' knowledge of Git to be able to do wacky shit with internal dependencies.

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    90: Monads, Mo' Problems

    This week we had a topic planned and everything. Y'all had been asking for it and we were finally gonna do it! MVVM in practice. No bullshit. But then a heinous crime was committed that broke the monadic laws that keep our society civil and just. Tune in to hear Swift's public defender (played by Mark Adams) attempt to justify a new implementation of flatMap to Judge Dredd (played by Golden Fontenot).

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    89: Beginning iOS (Avi Gilligan)

    Mark can't figure out how to get out of New York City, so this week Gordon is joined by fellow thoughtbotter Avi Gilligan to talk about learning Swift, Objective-C, and iOS.

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